I recently returned from a trip to the United States, during which I visited six states and drove from the west coast to the east . Of course, every state and even city is special in its own way and differs not only in nature, but also in culture and lifestyle.              

But I was especially struck by San Francisco. Once in this city in the very west of the United States, it is difficult to understand which country you are in. It is a multicultural center where people of different nationalities live harmoniously. An acquaintance of mine, who moved to San Francisco from Kiev a few years ago , claims that sometimes he does not speak a single word in English all day here - there are so many people from the post-Soviet republics in the company where he works . And the Chinese can live in this city for years , but still not learn English - because in Chinatown even American banks and other official institutions communicate in Chinese. What can we say about shops and restaurants.

About work

In San Francisco, many are afraid of losing their jobs. Americans usually do not make savings, so they can not even live a month without a paycheck. It is expensive to rent a house in San Francisco; now, for example, you cannot find a normal apartment for less than $ 3 thousand a month . Medicine, especially for foreigners who do not have a green card, is also a very expensive business. In short, it is not easy for anyone to survive without work.        

To get to work in the morning , you have to leave at 5-6 in the morning  

They are fired quite often and very quickly. No two weeks of detention, like we have - today you still write a plan for a month, and tomorrow your table is already empty. It happens that a person is not even explained the true reason for the dismissal. But despite the offense it has caused you, it's important to break up with your previous employer on a good note. Because the company in which you find a new place for yourself will definitely inquire about how you worked in your previous position.                 

There are exceptions for IT professionals. You will be fired unless you burn the main server of the company or make a brawl . And rest assured, on the next day you with ease will find a new job.      

Due to its proximity to Silicon Valley, San Francisco has gradually turned into a city ​​of IT specialists who are highly valued and attracted here from all over the world. They have unlimited vacations (the rest have 15 days a year), a decent salary, and even had a separate public transport for some time. But after the indignation of ordinary residents, this privilege was removed.

About housing 

Due to the fact that in the city itself it is quite expensive to rent housing and there are few conditions for living with children, many live in the suburban area - small villages and towns. To get to work in the morning , you have to leave at 5-6 o'clock in the morning and cover 50 kilometers. The city ​​has a well-developed public transport network, there is an Uber Pool - a taxi, in which other passengers join along the route. In the evening, everyone returns home to their family.

About rest

On weekends, it is customary to spend time outside the city. Families go to the mountains or forest from the very morning on Saturday , ride bicycles, play, and walk. There are all conditions for this. Around San Francisco, there are very scenic rolling hills, the ocean and a well-developed camping network.       

There are those who spend their leisure time in an apartment with a beer in front of the TV, but this very category is at risk of being unemployed. After all, such rest lowers productivity and ability to work, and companies are interested in active and effective employees.        

Americans, surprisingly, rarely travel abroad. First, visiting another continent is an expensive pleasure for them. And considering that they are used to traveling with the whole family, it turns out a tidy sum. Secondly, the United States itself occupies such a large and diverse territory that its inhabitants are interested in traveling within their country. Domestic tourism is highly developed in the United States.       

 If the Americans leave the country, then in the near abroad. For example, the people of San Francisco love to relax on the beaches of Mexico, for them it is like Turkey and Egypt for us. Despite the fact that the city itself is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, it is impossible to swim there due to the low water temperature and winds.

About food 

Food delivery is common in San Francisco, and given the multinational population, food can be found here as varied. When people order food home or to the office, they do not decide which dish they will eat, but choose the cuisine - Thai, Mexican, Ukrainian.        

Just like food, you can order marijuana in San Francisco. It is fully legalized here. You order a product online and a courier brings it home to you. Previously, this required showing a doctor's certificate , but since it was issued even on the basis that you were worried about headaches, they decided to simplify the procedure. And now you can buy marijuana, like any other product, in an online store .            

Despite such a rhythm of life and the multiculturalism of the city, residents manage to maintain a reverent attitude towards their values. And for them family and church are considered such . In San Francisco, every block has temples of different religions and beliefs, where parishioners gather on weekends. This is part of their life and culture.           

In San Francisco, no one feels like a foreigner.