A group from Ukraine will travel to central Australia. Participants in autocampers will get to the sacred rock of Uluru and explore the life of local tribes.

In June 2019, a 13-day trip to the fifth continent starts from Kiev. The path will pass through the deserts and uninhabited territories of Australia - from Adelaide in the south and all the way to Alice Springs in the very center of the country.

Following the route of the ancient aborigines, participants will get to the Uluru rock - a stone monolith that is sacred to local tribes and is protected by UNESCO. It will be closed for tourists in October 2019, so the upcoming expedition is a unique opportunity to climb the mysterious Uluru for the last time. From autumn, the ascent will be available only to locals. 

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Uluru rock

Kata-Juta mountains


The tasks of the expedition:

  • study the way of life of local tribes, descendants of ancient Australian aborigines;
  • get an idea of ​​the natural diversity of the continent;
  • to conduct observations of marsupials and other endemic mammals (kangaroos, wombats, koalas, possums, wallaby, kuzu);
  • learn about the structure and origin of the Uluru rock;
  • get acquainted with the opal mining industry (Australia exports 95% of their global volume); 
  • learn about life in underground cities in opal mining centers..

During the expedition, the group will move through areas remote from civilization, where there are no hotels, restaurants and shops. Therefore, the participants will travel all the way and live in campervans - mobile homes. They are equipped with all the necessary amenities: one and a half beds, kitchens with refrigerator and stove, shower and toilet. The camper can be completely autonomous for several days. Water, fuel and battery supplies are replenished at special stations along the road.

Participation in the expedition requires good physical fitness, the presence of category B rights, the ability to cook food, be stress-resistant and sociable. In total, 12 people will go on the trip, which will last from 2 to 16 June.


The expedition leader from the Ukrainian side will be Yevgeny Zhukov, a traveler and founder of  Goodwin . And from the Australian - Vladimir Balashev, geographer, photographer, traveler, who worked for 10 years in the Australian Ministry of Environmental Protection and is a member of the Geographical Society.

Portal “Around the World. Ukraine ”will follow the expedition and publish the latest news from the scene.

Recruitment for the expedition continues. Learn more and sign up  HERE .