США - От западного к восточному побережью
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От западного к восточному побережью
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$ 3790
после Wednesday, 01 July 2020

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США от океана до океана
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Отзывы бывалых путешественников

Dmitriy Medvedev
Dmitriy Medvedev
Thank you guys for opening a new country!  Norway will be remembered only for positive and vivid impressions !!!
Elena Melnikova
Elena Melnikova
Thank you for a unique voyage across New Zealand!  I liked the excellent organization of the entire route, everything was as always worthy, interesting, curious, tasty, and in some places just unexpected.
Galina Lychko
Galina Lychko
Ooooo well organized tour of Italy: informational, rich, interesting, unconventional, emotional and just sincere!  Eugene, thank you!  Good luck and see you soon!
Ludmila Svadeba
Ludmila Svadeba
I want to tell you a little about fabulous Norway !!!  I was thrilled with this tour.  Everything was thought out 100% !!!  I thank Katerina for the work done, for her care, attention and kindness to the group.  I thank Goodwin Tours for thinking through this tour to the smallest detail !!!  Norway shook me to madness, I fell in love!  The houses in which we lived cannot be compared with any hotels!  I can write a lot, but most importantly, I recommend this tour..????
Nelya Guzhva
Nelya Guzhva
The tour was great, there were a lot of pleasant impressions and memories.  Without such a Goodwin team and super preparation, nothing would have happened.  I recommend it boldly!
Oleg Chornobryvtsev
Oleg Chornobryvtsev
With Goodwin I was able to realize one of my childhood dreams - I saw New Zealand with my own eyes! Everything was the way I like it - an expedition in a small group of 9 people, constant travel to the most interesting places, stories about the way of life of local residents, with an experienced and interesting guide.
Olexandr Litvintsev
Olexandr Litvintsev
We had a trip along the Stokhod River, Volyn.  The route was very interesting. Despite the weather, I liked everything, as I never laid out a tent when tired in the rain and did not cook under a dripping sky.  It reminded me of a movie by Jacques Yves Cousteau about the wild.  I would love to do it again.
Olya Burykina
Olya Burykina
Guys are great!  Great organization of trips and, what is important, very attentive to the wishes of all participants.  Interesting places, good atmosphere and an unusual look at the already familiar things are guaranteed!
Yuriy Sanin
Yuriy Sanin
Thank you for the good organization and carrying out of an exciting trip to Norway
Viktoria Gencheva
Viktoria Gencheva
I want to thank Goodwin for the kaleidoscope of emotions and the depth of immersion in the country, on a journey that turned my understanding of Mexico upside down. Having traveled three thousand kilometers, accompanied by a highly professional guide, I discovered a completely unknown, bright, multifaceted, mystical and at the same time modern Mexico.I recommend!
Vladimir Fomin
Vladimir Fomin
Great guys, a professional leader, a well-thought-out tour, little things were taken into account, you can flexibly change the schedule depending on the mood or the weather, mutual understanding and ease of communication.
Elena Chumakova
Elena Chumakova
I would like to thank Goodwin for an unforgettable tour to Mexico!  This trip had everything: history, extreme, mysticism, jungle, animals, lost cities, mountains, underground lakes, hospitality of local residents, the sea and places where no tourist has ever set foot !!!!  Great local guide - just a storehouse of knowledge !!!  This tour completely changed our understanding of Mexico and I want to go there again.

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Основатель Goodwin, неукротимый путешественник, мечта которого показать людям самые красивые и необычные места планеты. Среди самых впечатляющих его приключений: суровый север с восхождением на наивысшую точку Сибири - Белуху и пробежка под тропическим ливнем в Новой Зеландии
$ 3790
после Wednesday, 01 July 2020
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Что входит в стоимость путешествия

  • Аренда автомобилей начиная с 3 по 10 день путешествия
  • Стоимость бензина, плата за дороги и парковки
  • Внутренние перелеты по стране: Сан-Франциско – Лас-Вегас, Денвер – Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк - Буффало
  • Проживание в двухместных номерах отелей
  • Входные билеты и активности, указанные в программе
  • Плата за посещение национальных парков
  • Стоимость общественного транспорта по маршруту
  • Услуги руководителя группы на протяжении всего путешествия
  • Услуги гида с 4 по 9 день включительно

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  • Международный перелет: от 800 $
  • Визы и визовые сборы: ~ 100$ услуги визового агентства + 160 $ консульский сбор
  • Страховка на период путешествия ~ 90 $
  • Дополнительные активности (по желанию, необходимо ранее бронирование): Алькатрас ~ $40, колесо обозрения Хай Роллер ~ $36, смотровая площадка Эмпайр-стейт-билдинг ~ $48
  • Трансферы (в/из аэропортов), такси
  • Питание, перекусы, рестораны и кафе на протяжении всего маршрута ~ 30 $ в день
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